Bike Finance

Bike Finance has two type of loans which are Secured and Unsecured and is used for personal use.

Secured Bike Loans- Most Bike Loans we settle for our customers are Secured.

The Financier takes the Bike as security and title is passed onto the customer when the final payment is made. Secured Loans for bikes are generally at a lot lower interest rate than Unsecured. If you do trade the bike in or sell it before is Loan is paid in full, you must pay out the debt in full.

Unsecured Bike Loans- The other way to buy a Bike is to finance it with an Unsecured Loan.

An unsecured loan means that you can use the funds for any reason such as a holiday, renovations, debt consolidation and even cars, boats or bike that do not fit the Secured Loan Product.

There is no security attached to this type of loan so Interest rates are higher than Secured Loans.

Finance Loan Calculator is a Melbourne based finance brokerage established in 2003 with over 30 years finance experience.

Organise Affordable Bike Finance Options With SaveOnBikeLoans

Dedicated to providing the best bike finance Melbourne has to offer, SaveOnBikeLoans has the experience and expertise that’s needed when it comes to finding a loan option you can feel secure in. If you’re looking to buy a new bike or motorbike and need an affordable loan, look no further than SaveOnBikeLoans – the bike and motorbike finance Melbourne cyclists prefer.

When it comes to choosing between secured or unsecured bike loans, there are a number of things to consider. For specific loans used to purchase bikes or motorcycles, a Secured Bike Loan – where the title of the bike is taken as security until the final repayment is made – is a safe option, which gives you peace of mind and competitively low interest rates. Alternatively, an Unsecured Bike Loan is much wider in its scope – you can use this loan to pay for any number of things on top of your bike, including modifications, detailing, or debt consolidation. While interest rates may be higher, this loan is ideal for customers who are looking for a more open loan options. Our dedicated team are happy to talk through these options in more detail during your obligation free, over-the-phone quote, where they can give you special insight into the types of motorbike finance Melbourne buyers are increasingly after. At SaveOnBikeLoans, we’re committed to finding the ideal loan for your situation.

Cheap Motorbike Finance Options For Melbourne Motorcylcists!

When it comes to providing the top-quality motorcycle finance Melbourne customers need, our no-cost security measures put us a cut above the rest. We’ll provide you with a number of checks to ensure the security of any private sale bike purchases you’re making. We offer engine inspections, VIN checks, registration number searches and a Personal Property Security Register certificate to verify that your new bike isn’t stolen, under finance or written off. On top of that, SaveOnBikeLoans is happy to provide you with up to 60 months of warranty. When it comes to providing you with the peace of mind to truly enjoy your new dream bike, SaveOnBikeLoans has got you covered.

For the kind of bike finance Melbourne locals are raving about, call SaveOnBikeLoans today!